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Common Sales Mistakes

Do you have a product to sell at trade shows, conferences or local holiday bazaars?

Are you disappointed in the number of sales and the money you are making?

Are you starting to think that you can’t sell anything?

Don’t worry.

It’s not you. It’s the mindset and system that you are using.

You can learn to sell! I’ve spent the last ten or so years writing and selling a series of children’s picture books as well as my coaching and training services. While I learn something new at  every conference or event that I attend, I finally have a comprehensive system that not only creates sales at the event but all year long.  Isn’t that really what you are looking for?  

When I coach clients who are selling a product I usually find three mistakes that are at the root of disappointing sales. Here they are and how you can turn them around:

Not identifying your ideal client – First take the time to define your ideal client, in detail, then make sure that you are in the best venue possible for connecting with your ideal client.  My books are specifically designed for school counselors to use as lessons in the classroom  While lots of grandmothers buy my books for their grandchildren, they aren’t my target market.  I don’t get a booth at any and every conference or holiday bazaar. I go to conferences that are for educators and school counselors.  Clarify who your target market is and go where they are.  The clearer and more narrow your market, the easier it will be to talk their language and make a sale.

Not developing a relationship – Relationships are at the heart of a successful business.  Think relationships wherever you are.  First develop a relationship with the event host, the event planner and/or the venue coordinator.  I know the event planner at the last conference I attended and I not only ask him for advice, he helps get me the best location for my booth.  

Next develop relationships with your customers.  At the event I just attended I was across from a woman who set up her booth, then spent the entire time behind the table on her computer.  From the looks of it she was working hard on her job as she flipped through forms and typed enthusiastically. She was focused and devoted… but on the wrong thing.   If someone happened to stop at her booth, she looked up from her work and answered questions or helped them find what they were looking for.  But it was obvious that they were interrupting her and keeping her from doing work that was really more important.  Would that encourage you to buy her product? I didn’t think so.  Instead, I recommend that you

  • smile and greet everyone
  • ask a question that will encourage them to visit your booth
  • show an interest in who they are and what they do
  • be prepared to show how your product can help them solve a problem

Not developing a sales follow-up system— Most business owners do a one and done type of sales process.  That means you  sell one book, one coaching session, one massage or one piece of jewelry.  After that one transaction, you look for your next customer, rinse and repeat.  It’s exhausting and tends to encourage a feast or famine type of a business.  Instead, think about how your business can engage with customers over a long term. How can you serve them after the initial sale and in the future?  This doesn’t mean that you are necessarily selling them something  on a continuous basis. You may be providing information or encouragement through a newsletter or an ebook that they can download.You may give away a product for free, alert them to a sale or a new product. This was my second year at the Tennessee conference and I had clients come by the booth to tell me they remembered my presentation from last year and give me a hug.  They mentioned that they got my weekly newsletter.  Stay in touch and provide value. You will gain more by nurturing a previous customer than expending effort in chasing down new ones.  And your previous customers will enjoy telling their friends about the value they get from the relationship.  Provide such great consistent value that they become your best marketing voice.  

Do you have a dream career or business that you’ve been wanting to explore?  Ready to step out of your comfort zone and gain some clarity on what is possible?  

Let’s chat and plan your amazing future together… 

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I had lots of ideas, but no idea how to actually take the first step toward making my dream a reality. Lucky for me, the Dream Achiever Coaching program had everything that I needed to begin taking precious baby steps. The strategy sessions clearly identified each next step in an order that made perfect sense. And the mindset sessions gave me the confidence I needed to move forward! ~Ellen Quarles

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