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Online Seminar: From Dream to Reality

From Dream to Reality – A 7 Week Intensive Program to help you

  • Create clarity around your dream and future
  • Write a new life story
  • Determine your strengths and celebrate them
  • Retrain negative limiting mindsets
  • Create a vision and an action plan for 2017
  • Follow up on your action plan with consistent doable steps
  • Make 2017 the year you turn your dream into reality!

Seminar: Tell Your Story~Write Your Book

Do you have a story to tell? Do you wonder how to create the story and publish it? I’ve been there… It wasn’t long ago that I was in your shoes. I had a story to tell, in fact I had even written the story, but I didn’t know what to do next to publish it.  I wish I could say I just dug in, figured it out and published that first book. I didn’t. I gave up… for a long time. Maybe you’ve been there?  Now, five years later, I’ve self-published six children’s picture books. Because your story matters, I want to help you write your story and publish your book.  This seminar is the answers to all of those publishing questions you have and more.

Seminar: Build Your Business

Have you ever said, “I’ve had this dream forever and the dreaming part was easy.  Now that I’m at the point of taking action and its hard!” Most of the clients that I work with would agree.  Most are in start-up. That means they either just started their business, or they started it a while back but haven’t really made it successful and profitable…yet. Because this is the point where many emerging entrepreneurs give up and quit their dream, I’ve put together a jump-start program to get you on track to success.  I am super excited to offer this because it contains just what I wish I had when I stepped into my big girl entrepreneurial shoes.

The Dream Board Workshop

Dream Board Workshop: A Proven Technique to Help You Focus Your Energies on Your Dreams

Do you know what a vision board is?  It’s a way to manifest your dreams and it’s pretty simple.  First you spend some time getting clarity on what you really want in life, (that’s the hard part). Then you spend some time creating  a board full of images that represent what you really want (that’s the fun part).  Celebrities like Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres swear by them.  So if they are so effective, why don’t we all have one?  Well, we’re often so busy keeping all those balls in the air that we just never take the time. I also think that for many of us, we never give ourselves permission to think about what we really want.

It’s time to change that.


Dream Academy Educator Training

The ability to understand a student’s personal behavioral style helps create personal chemistry, understanding and productive relationships.  Through the Dream Academy training program, educators learn to identify a child’s behavior style, encourage a growth mindset, as well as empower students to become leaders in their own lives.

Dream Academy Parent Training

As a parent, do you sometimes feel that your child is speaking a different language?  Do you wonder how to motivate and inspire them?  In the Dream Achiever Academy Parent program you will learn your behavioral style as well as how to motivate, encourage and empower your child to work in their strengths through understanding their behavioral style.  It is a win-win for both you and your child!

The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life by Lynne Watts

The Call

Through sharing her personal journey along with practical strategies for goal setting and living a good story, Lynne Watts provides clear step-by-step guidance that will transform your dream into reality. Rich with personal anecdotes, humor and practical exercises, The Call is one call you don’t want to miss.

Workbooks to Accompany The Call (additional ones coming soon!)

Workbook One

Workbook One Cover

Workbook Two

Workbook Two Cover
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