The secret to getting what you want

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How to get what you want in life

Want to take your current career to the next level?

Want to expand your influence as an author by developing your skills as an inspirational speaker?

Are you asking for the opportunities you want or are you wishing the pieces would magically fall into place?

Are you living a safe, wait-and-see-what-happens life or a risky, take-action-creative life?

In this video Steve Jobs reveals the secret to getting what you want in your life.  

It’s simple…but hard.

Now that you know the secret, what is holding you back?  Yeah, I know… it’s scary isn’t it?  In fact, asking for what we want is so uncomfortable that I bet you are already creating excuses as to why this won’t work for you.

Here are some common excuses:

  • If they wanted to give it away they would do it without me having to ask.
  • They should know that I need ____, without me having to ask.
  • If I ask and fail, I’ll feel really embarrassed and foolish.

But what if? What if asking for what you want works? 

  • What if it’s possible for you to serve others better and create a better life for others if you asked?  Often we don’t ask because we feel it is selfish and self-centered but what if you looked more closely at what you are asking for? Would it not only help you create the life you want but also help you to help others?  If this is true then NOT asking because it makes you uncomfortable is really the more selfish thing.
  • What if it’s possible that others are waiting to be asked by you?  We can’t read other’s minds and we can’t assume they know our needs.  Think back to a time someone asked you for something and how excited and willing you were to give it to them.  Do you want to cheat someone else of that opportunity to be generous?  Weren’t you glad someone asked you for what they needed?
  • What if it’s possible that simply the process of asking will expand your horizons, whether or not you get what you are asking for?  Even if you are turned down when you ask for what you want, just the experience and habit of asking for something can grow you as a person and help you establish new relationships with others.

The Challenge Here’s my challenge to you.  Identify something you want or need but have been reluctant to ask for.  If you need to write out what you will say or even practice asking out loud, allow yourself some time to do that.  Silence the excuses and schedule a time to ask.  Then… ASK IT.  I’d love to hear the results in the comments section!  

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~Sandra Abdalian

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