Need some encouragement?

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When you feel overwhelmed, overworked and over-it, who do you turn to?

When you feel you have failed…again, who do you turn to?

When you think your dreams will never materialize, who do you turn to?

Is there an extreme encourager in your life?

Extreme encouragers offer empathy and experience while living it out in their own lives.  They model for you where you can go and who you can be. Encouragers may be a teacher or a guide but they are open to you finding your own way in your own time.  They don’t tell you what to do so much as listen and walk along side you while you follow your path to discovery. They put aside their own agenda and judgment so they can honor the wisdom that you have within.  They see the light within and reflect it back to you.

Extreme encouragers don’t pat you on the back and talk in clichés because they know life isn’t easy like that. They don’t say, “Buck up, tomorrow’s another day.” Instead they acknowledge your fear, your uncertainty, your disappointment and your doubt but they don’t give it power.  They recognize your inner purpose and drive to work through and around and within those feelings. 

Extreme encouragers believe in miracles as an everyday occurrence.  They don’t wear rose colored glasses, they just have a different focus and perspective. Because of that belief, they hold the space in the future for you and your goals.  They see the impossible as possible and know that dreams really do come true.  They trust in you and that trust is contagious.  Why? Because it leads you to trust in yourself.

Extreme encouragers get you off your butt.  They know that statements like:

“But I’m afraid.”

“But I don’t have time.”

“But I don’t have the resources.” …are all excuses that can be solved.  They aren’t reasons to give up. 

Extreme encouragers get you out of the land of maybe someday.  They get you out of the waiting room of life:

Waiting for rescue

Waiting for perfection

Waiting for certainty

Waiting for discovery

They get you in the land of decision making, living intentionally and taking action. They believe in you and your ability to be yourself even if it makes you and those around you uncomfortable.  When we wait, we keep ourselves in an uneasy comfort zone.  How is that possible?  We are comfortable because we don’t take a risk.  We don’t risk being our own knight in shining armor, we don’t risk being imperfect, we don’t risk the unknown and we don’t risk having to discover ourselves.  Yet we continue standing on the edge of the cliff, gazing off into the future of our dreams. Sometimes extreme encouragers are the push you need to take that leap and discover that you had wings all along. 

We all need an extreme encourager in our lives.  Who fills that role for you?

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