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Are you ready?

You work hard. Your product or service helps people. That’s what motivates you every day.

But you have this dream: you know you could be bigger–bigger profitability, bigger impact, bigger service.

Are you ready?

  • To really go BIG with your business (big profitability, big impact)?
  • To replace overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty with a realistic and bold next step?
  • To stop doing business the same old way, knowing that a trusted group has your back?

Regardless of what your specific business challenges are, I have exciting news.

I’m declaring August 2021, the new January. It’s time to start afresh with new eyes, a new mindset and a new perspective. Are you in?

What if you started with a clean slate and were able to create whatever you desire for your business in the next 3 months? Exponential growth? Increased profitability? Bigger impact?

What would be possible if you had a group of experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated entrepreneurs guiding you and cheering you on?

How awesome would THAT feel? 

All of this is yours when you join the Maximize Your Momentum Mastermind group starting mid-August.

No more frustration, second guessing, being afraid to make a wrong decision, and ultimately…staying stuck.

Imagine what it would be like to feel confident  (REALLY  CONFIDENT) that YOU have exactly what it takes to crush your goals this year.

I have a plan for that.

Maximize Your Momentum Mastermind  can help you create and ACT on that plan.

I’ve made it a super low investment level because I want to help you say YES to your business.




What is a Mastermind?

A mastermind is a group of people who have similar interests and aspirations. Napoleon Hill from Think and Grow Rich describes it as ‘the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.’

Here’s what you will get with Maximize Your Momentum Mastermind:

    • Six Zoom meetings, starting mid-August and ending before Thanksgiving holiday
    • A small intimate group of entrepreneurs (no more than 5-only one seat per industry) to get feedback and innovative ideas from.
    • My coordination of the group and coaching expertise.
    • A safe, supportive and encouraging group to bring your business challenges to for answers. 
    • A recording of each session on Zoom to review later. 
    • An accountability group that keeps you focused on the goal and on track to win. 

Are you ready? Let’s Do This!!






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