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Prior to each coaching session with a client, I send a clarity tool to complete and return to me beforehand.  In a recent session, a client told me what a struggle it is for her to complete the tool each time. “You should write a blog about that form,” she said.  “I put off filling it out because it always makes me take a look at what I’ve accomplished.”  I thought her suggestion was such a good one that I wrote this post:)

While the purpose of the tool is to create clarity for the session it is true that I learn quite a bit just by how clients use it. It is a simple tool with only four questions but the response I get is quite varied.  Some clients complete the form quickly. Others need many reminders to return it. Some return the form with little detail and short responses.  Others give lots of detail and write pages of information, clarifying their answers.  There is no right or wrong way to complete the tool.  It is designed to help the client as well as me assess where they are in terms of accomplishing their goals and what they want to work on in the session.  

The purpose of the tool is to:

  • help the client assess how they want to use the upcoming session —This keeps me from setting an agenda for the session that is not congruent with the clients’ needs and current challenges.  It keeps me from overlooking what is important to them.
  • help me to prepare for the session– When I know ahead of time the agenda for the session, I am able to begin problem solving early.  I can also look up resources if needed.
  • help the client assess progress– What have they done since the last session?  What is left undone?  How did their actions turn out? Were they successful?  
  • help the client take responsibility for the session-Instead of expecting me to determine the direction of the session, it gives the client responsibility and control of the topics discussed.
  • model structure and systems–Because the client can expect the same tool to be completed before each session, it gives them a framework for not only preparing for the session each time, but also for viewing the results of their actions in between sessions.

I get it… gaining clarity is hard.  It is challenging whether we are determining clarity for a coaching session or for our future.  But the benefits are definitely worth it!

Need clarity in your career or business?  Let’s talk.  And yes, I will send you a clarity tool to complete beforehand:)

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