Dream Achiever Coaching

Discover Your Calling and Your Strengths

Do you feel trapped in a career that is unfulfilling and energy sapping? Are you holding on and hoping it will get better… someday? Do you feel that you have real gifts and talents that aren’t being tapped into? Dream Achiever Coaching is designed to help you discover your calling and live it out with passion, purpose and courage. Through an online personality profile, individual assessment tools and regular coaching calls, I help you determine your clarity of purpose, work in your strengths and transition into a new more fulfilling career and lifestyle. Dream Achiever Coaching clients may choose to:

  • Develop an exit plan from their current job and transition into a new career
  • Develop positive mindsets that overcome the self-doubt and lack of confidence that hold them back from achieving goals
  • Learn how to create a profitable side business (even if they’ve never been an entrepreneur before)
  • Learn how to take their current business to the next level by attracting more clients and making more money
  • Create a fulfilling career and lifestyle while living a bigger story

I offer various packages. You decide the type and length of support that works best for you and your season of life. Let’s talk and determine which package is best for you and your situation. Email me to set up a Coaching Clarity Call: Lynne@DreamAchieverCoach.com  Be sure to put Coaching Clarity Call in the subject line if it doesn’t do so automagically. I’m looking forward to being a part of the changes in your life!

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