Dream Academy Educator Training

Dream Academy Educator Training Program

The ability to understand a student’s personal behavioral style helps create personal chemistry, understanding and productive relationships.  Through the Dream Academy training program, educators learn to identify a child’s behavior style, as well as empower them to become leaders in their own lives.

Staff training includes:

Self-assessment to increase communication self-awareness

  • Explanation of your behavior style
  • Strengths and areas for development
  • Communication tips with others

Behavior Styles Application

  • The four basic behavior styles overview
  • How to identify a student’s behavior style
  • How to encourage leadership skills based on behavior style
  • How to improve communication based on behavior style
  • How to understand and mediate tension between styles


  • Increased understanding of student strengths and development areas
  • Improved interpersonal communication
  • Enhanced strategies for classroom management

Want to create a growth mindset culture at your school?
The educator training program in conjunction with the parent training program
creates a common language between educators, parents and students.
Contact Lynne Watts at 770 656-5579 or email her at dream@lynnewatts.com
to set up a complimentary school visit and see if it is a good fit for your school setting.

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