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The first post that I wrote two or more years ago when I started this blog was Top Ten Ways to Not to Follow Your Passion.  It was written a bit tongue in cheek of course because we all want to follow our passion, right?  Isn’t it just the obstacles, real or imagined that keep us from making our life meaningful and passion-filled?  

Since that post I’ve found that the answer to the last question is yes and no.  For those who know what their passion is, it is often the obstacles of time, money, mindset and self-confidence that stifle our creativity and hold us hostage to a lack of progress in turning dreams to reality.  

But there is another possibility that I’ve not addressed.  What if you don’t know what your passion is? What if you don’t have a dream or a vision to capture your attention and propel you forward?  Are you destined to a life as a voyeur, living through the passions of others?  

What if recognizing your passion isn’t a matter of finding something that is lost? What if it’s more of an adventure or a journey?  What if it’s possible to discover your passion?  Not with a determined find-it-or-die-trying mentality but instead with a playful, wondering mentality.  What if instead of trying to fill a void, you were simply patiently investigative and curious?

Here’s what you might do if you were curious:

  • Try out new things that seem interesting to you without expecting that you would be immediately skillful or successful at them.
  • Tweak your mindset so that you look at the world in terms of possibilities instead of as static and predestined
  • Look inward and assess your natural talents and abilities.  Then apply those skills in your world.
  •  Try out things that even when they make you feel nervous, uncertain or downright scared. 

Does this sound exciting?  scary?  silly?  wasteful of your time?  I think many times we make this whole notion of finding and following our passion too mysterious and woo-woo.  What if all  you had to do was resurrect that child-like curiosity that we all naturally experienced when we were young?  What if being curious was the prerequisite to being passionate?

Here’s what’s coming up:

Seigel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character at Kennesaw State University presents:

The 17th Annual Phenomenal Woman Conference

March 17th, 2017  8:30-2:30

KSU Center

3333 Georgia Busbee Drive

Kennesaw, Georgia 30144

I’ll be presenting a breakout session on The Difference An Encourager can Make in Your Life

Early bird registration through February 15th:  

Phenomenal Woman

Turn Your Dreams into Reality:  Dream Board Workshop

Saturday, March 25th 10:00-3:00

MUST Ministries Administrative Building

1407 Cobb Parkway NW, Marietta, GA

Add this to your calendar and I’ll have all the details with registration available next week.  

Got questions or comments?  I love hearing from you in the comments section below:


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