Three Ways to Tap Into Your Creative Spirit and Build Your Business

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Even if You Think You Aren’t Creative

Building your business requires developing your craft, whether you are a chef, a coach, a massage therapist, a teacher… The first step in building your business is excelling at what you do and that takes creativity. Think you aren’t creative? Pablo Picasso wrote, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” If you are an entrepreneur, then you are a creative and every creative is challenged with how to best structure their life to engage in creative pursuits. 

How do you get the work done? How do you tap into that creative spirit? Do you require yourself to spend a designated amount of time every day working on your craft, no matter what?   Do you schedule that creative time? Are you a free spirit who waits to be inspired by your personal muse? Here are three ways to develop your creative spirit and build your business too: 

Be Willing to Do It Badly (even in public): Too many of us hold back for fear of making a mistake or looking foolish.  We compare ourselves to others and decide we are not gifted enough to move forward and consequently lose out altogether on creating something worthwhile. In her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown writes that “Perfectionism is not self-improvement.  Perfectionism is, at its core, about trying to earn approval and acceptance…Somewhere along the way, we adopt this dangerous and debilitating belief system: I am what I accomplish and how well I accomplish it.” Be willing to practice your craft imperfectly and take imperfect action in order to grow your creative spirit and your business.

Look for the message in the mess: Just as nature abhors a straight line, we are all broken in some way.  The life lessons that we have learned from personal failings and tragedies is what makes us who we are.  Being authentic and sharing our brokenness frees our creative spirit and helps us connect with the brokenness in others.  Ask yourself, how can you take your mess and make it your message?

Think of yourself as the Story-Teller of your life: When you stop thinking of life as just surviving each day, but instead think of it as creating the story that you want to tell, you have become an artist!  With this in mind it is easy to see that we are all artists in some sense of the word even if we don’t pick up a paintbrush or a pencil.  While you are at it, make sure that you present yourself as someone who has a story to tell.  In her book,  Big Magic-Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert writes, “I always try to remind myself that I am having an affair with my creativity, and I make an effort to present myself to inspiration like somebody you might actually want to have an affair with…Dress for the novel you want to write is another way of saying it.” Are you dressing for the position of CEO of your business? Are you doing the things that a CEO does? Are you being that person in every way? Every day is an extraordinary gift filled with potential.  What will you create today?  What chapter will you add to the story?

Are you nurturing your creative spirit?  I hope so. Every day is an extraordinary gift filled with potential.  What will you create today?  What chapter will you add to the story? Just as we were all created, we have a spark of that creative ability inside each of us that is yearning to break free.  Take time to recognize and nurture that spirit and watch your business grow.  I promise that you will be richly rewarded, perhaps even amazed, at what you can create.

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