3 Beliefs that Sabotage Goals

Self Limiting Beliefs Do you have some big goals? Are you making progress?   Or are you making excuses?   How long have you been saying you were going to write that book?  Start your own [...]


Goal setting: what people don’t know

Moving beyond goal setting to goal getting When I talk with clients about goal setting, there are always a few (okay, a lot) who give up before they start.  They usually say things like: I tried [...]


Five ways to set goals that work

The secret to successful goals It’s that time of year again when lots of people are talking about making resolutions, setting an intention and creating goals for the new year.  Wonder what [...]


Choose one word to focus your year

What being open has meant in 2017 Every year I choose a word to define my year.  I’ve been doing this for a while so I’ve journeyed along side joy, adventure, possibilities and love.  [...]


Goal setting, personality style and you

How to make your personality style work in your favor Do you set goals then fight against them?  Do you find that you work hard to meet other’s expectations but fail to live up to your own? [...]


The secret to successful goal setting

What to do if setting goals isn’t working I have a quick little test for you. (Don’t you just love pop quizzes?) When I think about my goals for 2018, I am… A. Not setting goals.  They [...]


why writing it down works

I recently returned from a trip to Alaska where I visited Denali National Park, then boarded a cruise ship for 7 days of visiting several ports of call. Experiencing the wildlife and the [...]



I often talk with clients about things they want to stop doing or habits they want to break: stop spending so much time on Facebook stop worrying so much stop being depressed stop neglecting [...]


just waiting to see what happens?

How to be the leader of your life One thing I’ve spent a lot of time talking with individual clients, schools and businesses about is setting goals.  If that makes you sigh with [...]


getting clarity is hard

Prior to each coaching session with a client, I send a clarity tool to complete and return to me beforehand.  In a recent session, a client told me what a struggle it is for her to complete the [...]

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