Are you sabotaging your goals?

Mindset Matters Do you have a dream or a goal and then struggle to make it happen? Do you blame it on resistance? Frustration? Uncertainty? Lack of willpower? Maybe you want to lose weight but [...]


getting clarity is hard

Prior to each coaching session with a client, I send a clarity tool to complete and return to me beforehand.  In a recent session, a client told me what a struggle it is for her to complete the [...]


should you hire a coach or DIY?

Have you thought about hiring a coach, but wonder if you really need one? Couldn’t you could just do it yourself? Or maybe you could read one of those self-help books and just do what it [...]


4 reasons you might need a coach

I hear a lot of excuses for not hiring a coach.  Here are four that I heard just this week: My business isn’t making enough money to justify hiring a coach.  I’ll look into it when I [...]


Having a confidence breakdown?

“Your thoughts are incredibly powerful. Choose yours wisely.”  Joe Dispenza I recently had a confidence breakdown.  It wasn’t just low confidence, it was more like negative confidence.  All [...]


Four Coaching Myths

Coaching in your business… who needs it? Can’t you learn everything you need from reading books and attending training? Your best friend also has a business, can’t you just ask [...]


How to Connect at a Conference

As a career coach and writer, I love attending conferences.  I just returned from a fabulous retreat where 19 women convened to practice the craft of writing.  The most wonderful thing about this [...]


tools every coach should have

New to coaching?  Wonder what online tools you need?  Not that long ago getting your office set up meant buying some letterhead, getting an office phone and a few other supplies.  Today, [...]


How to cope with challenging choices

A funny thing happened at a Christmas party that I recently attended.   The invitation included instructions to back into the driveway in order to create enough space for all the cars.  I rode to [...]


3 Secrets to Living the Life You Are Called to Live

  What if every day you were living your purpose and following your calling in life? What if you lived in the present tense rather than holding out for the future?  Ever wonder what would [...]

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