Do you have a plan?

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 Why future planning is essential to business success

One of my favorite books is Who Moved My Cheese?  by Spencer Johnson.  I especially like the children’s version with it’s colorful pictures and clever text. As a school counselor, I read the story in classrooms and discussed the behavior of the four characters with children. I’ve also loaned the book out to friends going through a transition or loss.  It is the story of two mice, Sniff and Scurry and two people, Hem and Haw who are camped out in a maze in the midst of an abundance of cheese.  They are all enjoying the cheese, however there is a dramatic difference between the mindset of the characters in the story.

Are You Hem and Haw or Sniff and Scurry?

Sniff and Scurry think ahead and  plan for the obvious; they know cheese won’t be around forever. Even before the cheese is gone they begin preparing to move forward and look for more cheese. They develop a strategy and begin the difficult task rather than waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Hem and Haw have a different mindset.  Not only do they not realize that the cheese is dwindling down but they also have an expectation that someone else will replace the cheese and continue to supply it once it is gone. They are oblivious to the problem looming on the horizon and are taken by surprise when they arrive one morning for their daily nourishment and find that there is no cheese to be found. They are furious and distressed over their situation, yet they continue waiting in the same spot day after day for more cheese to magically appear.

Do you see yourself in this story?

Are you resisting the changes, the transitions in your business? 

Or are you developing a plan and mapping out a strategy?

I think this story has particular application to the current situation in our world post-Covid. Are you waiting and expecting that someway, somehow, the world will return to “normal” i.e. pre-Covid? Are you leaving it up to someone, besides yourself, to make the changes that need to be made in your life? Or are you developing a plan, taking action, and learning from mistakes?

I talk with many entrepreneurs who have spent most of the last two years, dabbling in online sales, while they waited to return to business as usual. However, now that some of the old ways of doing things are again available, they are having limited success in re-establishing older sales processes. Clients may have realigned with new businesses and operating systems that meet their needs. Older practices are not as successful in a world where the social climate changes from day to day. Are you hanging out and waiting for the cheese to appear or are you trying out a new plan? Are you being Hem and Haw or Sniff and Scurry? At the end of the day, will you say, “I’m glad I did” or “I wish I had”? 

It doesn’t matter if you are on the right track. If you are sitting still, you will get run over.  ~Will Rogers

I was at a turning point in my business in deciding which direction to go.  I needed some focus and inspiration.  Fortunately I was connected with Lynne Watts and Dream Achiever Coaching.  Through a few individual coaching sessions and her informative videos I learned how to change my mindset about “selling” and promoting my business.  I also gained clarity on direction and uncovered a business model that would work best with my current phase of life.  I now have greater clarity to move forward. Lynne is positive, encouraging, and is great at helping you find the clarity and inspiration you need to move to the next level!  I highly recommend Lynne’s coaching packages!~Sandra Abdalian

Say YES to your business and a bigger impact.

Ready to get started?

Email me at to schedule a no cost Business Accelerator Zoom Call  and learn the 3 things that are holding you back in your business and the one thing you need to focus on to increase sales, profitability and impact. 

You were meant to make a difference in the world.

Your business matters.

I’d like to help. 


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