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Charles Schultz was a genius at bringing big concepts down to everyday life.

In one comic strip, Lucy says to Charlie, “You know, Charlie, life is like a deck chair. Some people place their deck chair so they can see where they’re going. Some turn it around to see where they’ve been. Others, Charlie, place their deck chair right in the middle of the action to see what’s going on all around them.” Charlie sighs and says, “I’m just trying to get mine unfolded.”

The next question of course is where are you in the story? I believe that we all have a calling, a mission in life.  

Sometimes we know that calling with clarity and focus.

Sometimes it may seem foggy and unclear.  

Sometimes we know our calling but fear, doubt and a lack of confidence holds us back from stepping into the person that we know we can be.  

Expanding the world of possibilities, building on the past and reaching with excitement and anticipation toward the future. Are you ready?  Let’s get those deck chairs open.

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Erin Shaw

Erin Shaw

Wow!  Lynne’s expertise in Personality Styles, mindset and priority management is a powerful combination.  The interactive and personalized format was engaging and gave me tools I can use and actions I can take right away.  ~Erin Shaw


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