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Career Coach, Writer and Educator

Lynne Watts is president and founder of Dream Achiever Coaching where she helps creative purpose-driven clients who are struggling in work that is unfulfilling and energy draining, to reinvent their lives and create work they can love. Through her coaching practice, her popular yearly women’s conference and online programs, she teaches clients how to work in their strengths, be leaders in their own lives and move forward with confidence and courage. Lynne’s intention for her clients is to create work that is a reflection of an intentional and purpose filled life. After over 20 years in a successful career as a counselor in the public schools, Lynne followed a calling to provide a deeper level of service to other creative and purpose-driven types. “I went from helping students and educators solve problems to helping people create meaning in their lives through their work,” she says. “While it uses similar values and strategies, it’s a whole new way of serving.”

From her years as a professional school counselor, Lynne gathers inspiration for her Wyatt the Wonder Dog Book Series; books with an empowering message for children. As a young girl she was inspired to become a writer by her grandfather, Henry Clay Ferree who was a journalist for the Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel.   Through the Wyatt the Wonder Dog stories, Lynne helps to empower children to become successful problem-solvers and leaders.


As the author of the The Call: Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life and the Dream Achiever Book Series, Lynne inspires others to discover their calling and live it out with passion and purpose. She often speaks to groups about understanding personality styles, living an intentional life and turning  dreams into reality. Through the annual “Called Woman Conference” she has inspired dozens of women to reinvent their lives.

Lynne provides career advice, personality assessments, mindset coaching and resources through her weekly blog, books, workbooks, online programs and frequent webinars.

You’ll love the transformations you’ll experience in Lynne’s Dream Achiever Coaching which will help you quickly break through into higher levels of happiness and success! It truly is about turning your dream into reality.


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