Summer of Renewal 2018

5 weeks to get back your focus, power, energy and control

Stress is a Symptom

Student Leaning Head On Book In Classroom

Being an educator means being stressed… right?

Isn’t that just part of the way things work?

Stressed about meeting standards.

Stressed about connecting with parents.

Stressed about classroom management.

Stressed about that child that you can’t seem to reach…

Actually being stressed isn’t how it has to be.

Feeling stressed is a symptom. Think of it instead as a sign or an opportunity to make changes that can lead to a better environment, both for you and for your students.

All of this isn’t magic. It takes strategy. It takes time.  But it doesn’t have to also take stress.  You don’t need to work nights and weekends to stay on top of it and you don’t have to lay awake at night worrying.

Ready to change your life?


Rejuvenate your mind and spirit with Summer of Renewal 2018!

Here’s what you will receive:

A weekly video in your email box beginning on June 4th, and ending on July 9

  • Week 1:  Re-energize yourself by re-discovering your why
  • Week 2: Change self-limiting talk to self-fulfilling talk
  • Week 3: Manage stress and practice peaceful mindfulness
  • Week 4: Live intentionally and set priorities
  • Week 5: Visualize success and celebrate

A closed Facebook group to connect and ask questions

Three “Dive Deep” sessions on Zoom.

Register for just $95

Invite a friend and rejuvenate this summer together!


How can we offer so much value for such a low price?

We are keeping the cost affordable because we know as educators ourselves that funds can be limited. We know summer is vacation time so we are offering the program online so you can stay in control of your summer. The group will be small so we can provide personalized attention. There are opportunities for interaction and connection because we want to provide lots of support and encouragement. Have we missed anything?

Meet Your Instructors

  • Lynne Watts
    Lynne Watts

    Lynne Watts, Ed.S. is the author of the Wyatt the Wonder Dog Book Series; books with an empowering message for children. As an elementary school counselor for twenty years in Canton Georgia, she helped children become better problem solvers and leaders. Currently, she provides parent and staff engagement training to schools where she speaks to groups about celebrating personality styles, working in your strengths and developing the leader in each of us.

  • Ginny Lennox
    Ginny Lennox

    Ginny Lennox, ED.S spent 25 years as an elementary school teacher and administrator. After retiring she became a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach to help women to create the life they always wanted to live. Because she has a special spot in her heart for teachers, Ginny developed a program for teachers called “All About You” to remind teachers who give so much of themselves to others that they have to take time to care for themselves. Using the tools and strategies of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, she shares simple but productive ways to balance your life while dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed, procrastination or perfectionism.

Don’t miss this incredible offer!

Early bird discount: Register by May 16th for just $95

Bonus for early bird discounts:  a copy of The Call:  Perfect Dream, Imperfect Life

Investment after May 16th:  $125

Invite a friend and rejuvenate this summer together!


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