3 Things You Need to Grow Your Business

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Business Building Blocks

Want to build your business?

Do you want more clients?

Want to sell more so you can serve more?

Need more income so you can pay bills?

It takes 3 things to build your business:

Excel at your craft and make it shine: First, get the training and experience you need to excel at your business. For instance, if you are a chef, then go to school, get the credentials you need and practice cooking. Get good at it. If you have a product, then you need to know and understand your product backwards and forwards. But the other part of this is that you need to make your business shine. That’s your message and how you share your business. Lots of people have a great product but they don’t grow their business because they don’t communicate it well. Is that you? Dream Achiever Coaching has a plan for creating and sharing your message.

Develop yourself and invest in personal growth: I’ve often said that nothing forces you to grow like starting and running a business. So, if you have money blocks or a scarcity mindset, that will get in the way of growing your business. Dream Achiever Coaching has a plan for personal growth. My background is in counseling, so I bring a unique perspective to this aspect of growing your business.

Develop your business systems: Work on your business not just in your business. Unless you’ve run a business before, this can be a big learning curve. This is where you can really benefit from working with a coach. How do you attract clients? Where do you find clients? What is your marketing plan, not just for this week but for the next 6 months to a year? How do you nurture clients once you get them? How do you follow up? How consistent are you in all of these things? This is where working individually with a coach on a consistent basis can make a real difference. Dream Achiever Coaching can help you set up the systems you need. 

Make sure you are taking advantage of coaching somewhere. It doesn’t have to be me. I know it is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day workload. But if you want to grow your business, make sure that you are participating in coaching that covers those 3 areas: messaging, personal growth, and business systems. Finally, make sure the coaching is tailored to you and your business. Not just cookie cutter… everyone-needs-this-coaching. Get coaching that works for you personally and individually.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Say YES to your business and a bigger impact.

Email me at dream@lynnewatts.com to schedule a no cost Business Accelerator Zoom Call  and learn the 3 things that are holding you back in your business and the one thing you need to focus on to increase sales, profitability and impact. 

Your business matters.

I’d like to help. 


diane freeman


While I had been networking forever, I felt like I did not have a good handle on my brand story and I struggled what to share.  After meeting with Lynne, I became very clear on my message and began attracting the clients who were seeking what I offered. I really appreciated how she worked with me one-on-one to get to the heart of the matter. ~Diane Freeman, Diane@realbodypositive.com


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