Dream Academy Parent Program

Dream Academy Parent Program

The ability to understand a child’s personal behavioral style helps create productive relationships through improved communication and positive interactions. The Dream Academy Parent program teaches strategies that empower parents to motivate and encourage children to be leaders in their own lives.

Parent training includes:


  • Explanation of parent behavior style
  • Strengths and areas for development
  • Communication tips with others

Behavior Styles Application

  • The four basic behavior styles overview
  • How to identify a child’s behavior style
  • How to encourage leadership skills based on behavior style
  • How to improve communication based on behavior style
  • How to understand and reduce tension between styles


  • Increased understanding of a child’s strengths and development areas
  • Improved interpersonal communication
  • Enhanced strategies for motivating children and developing a growth mindset at home

The Dream Achiever Parent Program is available for PTA, community, school and church parent guidance programs.
Contact Lynne Watts at 770 656-5579 or email her at dream@lynnewatts.com to get more details and to see if the program is a good fit for your group.

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