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Most people when they try to determine their calling or their career spend their time looking outside of themselves for guidance. They research who is hiring, what jobs pay the most money or at the very least consider how they can fit their proven talents and skills into the world of work. Maybe you’ve been there? This approach often results in great job dissatisfaction as we attempt to fit round pegs into square holes.

I take a very different approach to discovering your career and creating the life of your dreams. Instead of creating a life around your work, I believe in creating work around a life that you can love. Eighty-five percent of the process is looking inward and developing an understanding of who we are first; our strengths, talents and gifts. Once we understand how we are wired, we are better equipped to find our unique place in the world.

There is no one test or inventory that will narrow down the process to the one and only career that will work for you. We all have many talents and gifts! Instead, the DISC personality inventory will give you good insight into how you communicate and relate to other people, what kind of environments you prefer and how you can best be the leader of your own life.

How you are wired is a better predictor of success and happiness in a career than ability. Many people are good at doing their job…but find themselves miserable in it. Maybe that is you? My clients rave about the difference that understanding their personality style has made in their lives…

So let’s get started!

It will take you less than 20 minutes to complete the inventory. It’s only 24 questions but it will result in over 20 pages of information. Enjoy the process. Don’t over think each question – just move quickly and have fun.

You will be able to view your report immediately when you finish answering the series of questions. Not only will the report give a clear description of the best working situation for you – it will also give you a clear list of potential matches for your career choices. All this…and I promise we didn’t even talk to your mother.

Once you are finished with the report click on the link to schedule a personality style clarity call with me. I will dive deeper into the meaning of the report and how you can apply it to your personal situation.

Talk soon, Lynne

P.S. I use the DISC with all my coaching clients because it has been so key in understanding my own personality style. How we are wired is not something that we need to struggle to change but instead something to embrace and celebrate! I can’t wait to celebrate YOU!

What My Clients Say...

  • I would tell anyone that this was fabulous and they should definitely find out the personality type.

    Jennifer Haygood
  • This is a good workshop for new teams working together.

    Stacey L. Holland
  • The personality workshop is a great way to better understand and build relationships.

    M. Malik
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