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You might wonder what personality style has to do with hiring successfully… easy answer: everything.  

There is no one test or inventory that will narrow down the process to the one and only person that is the best choice. We all have many talents and gifts! However, the DISC personality inventory will give you good insight into how your applicant will communicate and relate to  team members and customers, what kind of environment they work best in, how they handle problems and much more. 

How you are wired is a better predictor of success and happiness in a job than ability. Many people are good at doing their job…but lack other qualities that are necessary for success in a specific work environment. And it is pretty much impossible to evaluate all the personality characteristics in an interview that you can evaluate in a personality assessment that only takes about 30 minutes. Once the assessments are completed, I will provide a comparison report that details the strengths of each candidate and recommendations based on your job description.

Want to schedule a personality assessment for applicants in your business? Contact me at to schedule a time to talk about how DISC profiles can ensure a successful hire for your business. 

Interested in finding out your personality style? Check out the  opportunity below. Each assessment includes a 45 minute interpretation of the results. 

What My Clients Say...

  • I would tell anyone that this was fabulous and they should definitely find out the personality type.

    Jennifer Haygood
  • This is a good workshop for new teams working together.

    Stacey L. Holland
  • The personality workshop is a great way to better understand and build relationships.

    M. Malik
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