Is your mindset sabotaging your business?

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Mindset Matters in Business

What if it’s possible that you are accidentally sabotaging your business with a scarcity mindset? Have you ever said:

“Charging that price would be highway robbery.”

“I try to help everyone who needs my help.  If I get more specific about who I serve, I’ll wind up with no clients at all.”

“Everyone charges less than that.  If I raise my prices, I won’t have any clients.”

“I’m justa coach (or artist or web designer or…)  Anyone can do this really.”

Sound familiar?

Maybe the scarcity mindset is causing you to accidentally sabotage your business.

The scarcity mindset

It is a mindset that believes the universe is limited and you must hold on to what you have and always be on the lookout for  ways to grab more.  The scarcity mindset believes:

  • there are only a set number of customers and someone else could get my share
  • that the price of your product or services should be determined by what everyone else is charging.
  • that narrowing down the focus and only serving your ideal client will cause you to have fewer clients
  • that charging a high price is evil and sleazy
  • that the services and products you sell are ordinary and therefore without much value

The Abundant Mindset

What is the abundant mindset?  It is a belief that the universe is capable of supporting many variations of the same business.  More importantly it is a belief that what you offer provides a unique service and high value. The abundant mindset believes:

  • that there are enough customers in the world for many businesses to thrive
  • that the price of your product or service is reflective of it’s unique value
  • that the more clarity you have about who you serve, the more clients you will attract
  • that making money is not evil or sleazy, it is how people express their appreciation for the worth of a product or service
  • that the product or service you sell is of high value because it reflects your unique ability and skills.

The abundant mindset is more than thinking positive.  It is a belief system that views the world as a place where there is enough for everyone;  enough customers and enough money to support lots of businesses. It means opening your heart and mind to what is possible. 

Managing Your Mindset 

So how do you turn around a scarcity mindset?

  • Clarify what makes your product and services unique.  What do you offer that others don’t or can’t?
  • Identify in detail who is your ideal client
  • Ask yourself, “What if it’s possible to succeed?” “What would that look like?”
  • Move ahead–take imperfect action in the business you envision
  • Review your results and put what you have learned into action
  • Measure your success by looking at where you’ve been rather that focusing on where you have yet to go
  • Practice gratitude

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